Are you in search of the best lens for Sony a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera? Sony Alpha A6000 is a mirrorless camera that helps you capture amazing photos.

This camera is a top choice because of its compact size and image quality. It has a wonderful AMS-C sensor, electronic viewfinder, and a sturdy built. A great thing about Sony Alpha A6000 is that it works perfectly in all lighting situations.

If you want to take mind-blowing and amazing pictures, then you should invest in the best E-mount lens for Sony A6000. The market is flooded with tons of lenses, this makes it dreadful and time-consuming to choose a lens.

There are numerous types of lenses that are suitable for different picture-taking needs. In this write-up, we have created a guide for getting the best E-mount Sony A6000 lenses.

Buyer’s Guide For the Best Lens For Sony A6000

One of the most imperative components of a camera is the lens. This is because lenses are useful for displaying images to the sensor. Lenses have a key role in determining what kind of pictures will you take home. This marks the importance of having a good lens. Take a look at the things you need to consider for buying the right lens for your needs.

Factors You Need to Focus on When Picking the Right Lens

There is a sea of options when it comes to choosing the best lens for Sony A6000. It gets confusing and challenging to select the right lens. This is the reason why we have created this guide to help you invest in the correct lens for your choice.

Focal Length

One of the first things that you need to consider is the focal length of the lens. You should know the lenses perform differently when mounted on a camera. The reason behind this is that the sensor of the camera can change the focal length. The focal length is expressed in mm; the higher number indicates a bigger zoom while the lower number means it is great for wider shots.

Furthermore, if the focal length of the lens is between two numbers, this means any point in between can be used. In case the focal length is expressed using a single number, it is called a prime lens.


Another factor to consider when buying a lens is the maximum aperture. It focuses on the amount of light that the lens can accumulate. When the lens has a larger aperture, this means the lens can collect more light. For instance, the f/1.8 aperture will use more light than f/4 and it can work well in low light condition without using the flash. Moreover, it is capable of providing depth of field that is shallow. There are some lenses that have a variable aperture that is dependent on the focal length.

Full-frame or APS-C

Another thing that you need to focus on is the body type of the camera. There are some brands that offer both, full-frame and APS-C body cameras. It becomes difficult for you to decide which lens you should get. The APS-C format lens is light in weight and smaller in size. On the other hand, the full-frame lens is expensive and large in size. So, it is crucial for you to buy the lens that is perfect for your camera.

What Type of Subject Will You Photograph?

This question will help you determine the type of lens that’s best suited for you. If you want to take close-up pictures, a macro lens is a perfect choice for you. In case, you want to photograph wildlife, a telephoto lens is the best lens for Sony A6000.

Type of Lens

There are numerous kinds of lenses that you can choose from. Generally, the lenses are classified based on their focal range. We have listed few of the most common types of lenses.

Wide Angle Lens

The most popular type of lens is the Wide Angle. It has a zoom range of 24mm to 35mm. The wide angle lenses can be further divided into as zooms and primes or into fixed or variable maximum aperture. It offers a wide view and has a close focus distance.